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Side Sliding Garage Doors


Side Sliding Garage Door Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side Sliding Garage Doors

  • Sliding garage doors are designed for an elegant look, convenient use and long life.
  • Variety of panel designs – smooth, ribbed or embossed.
  • Sliding garage door can be partially opened – for pass door use, or just a half door opening.
  • Corrosion-resistant and low maintenance aluminium hardware, top quality carriages and no-spring system provide quiet and trouble free operation.
  • High thermal insulation.
  • Finger trap protection inside and outside.
  • Low ground rail with no requirement for built in floor channel.
  • A lot of space under the garage ceiling.
  • Fast access to the garage.
Main technical features:
Max opening: 6000 mm wide
Max opening: 3000 mm high
For other sizes ask manufacturer.
Min lintel height 120 mm for manually operated doors and 150 mm for electrical operation.
Min space on side walls: 150mm on guiding rail (opening) side and 70mm on closing side.
All RAL colours and panels designs available.RAL

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