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Hangar doors

Our hangar doors are sectional doors using center posts which slide sideway to clear the complete opening. Sectional  hangar door is economical compared to traditional hangar doors and is designed and built for safety and reliability.

Designed to slide sideway to clear the opening. Hardware consists of heavy-duty double track system and trolley assembly roller systems. Custom built doors for shipyards, agriculture, airports. Individual engineered solutions according to customer’s requirements. The inner core consists of rigid polyurethane, foamed in place under high pressure between two metal skins and gives perfect thermo insulation.

Hangar doors sizes capacity:
Sectional doors – up to 15 metres width or up to 15 metres height. Aluminium tin glazed panels, custom built tracks, spring counterbalance or non balanced shaft systems.
Side hinged doors – up to 6 metres width and up to 12 metres height. Options like wicket door, windows, etc. are available.
Side sliding doors – up to 200 m2, double leaf up to 400 m2. Operated with electric drive. Options like wicket door, windows, etc. are available.
Rolling doors – up to 100 metres width and up to 20 metres height.

Safety feature:  Utility switches to cut-off operators power when doors are in open position.

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