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Retro Style Doors

Would you like to give your garage door an authentic touch?

Retro Style Doors   Retro Style Doors

Retro style doors

Retro door handles are a perfect alternative for a classic or country style exterior.
Modern sectional overhead garage door can look like old carriage house door. These doors usually are fitted when heritage buildings are renovated.
If the building must look like old, but inside you want to have modern technologies – this is the right solution.
All doors are tailor made. Door and appliqué colours can be chosen by customer. A sectional garage doors with a retro design in bold colours demands attention.
Retro style doors offer typical ‘board appliqué’ patterns, but customer can order his own design. Old style black metal hinges and handles are used to create ancient image. All appliqués and details are maintenance free and are made for peace of mind. The most popular panel designs are Rib-Woodgrain and Midrib-Woodgrain, but also any design can be used.
Options like glazed panels or wicket doors are available. Single or double size garage doors are made to measure.

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