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Ribbed garage doors

Horizontal 10 cm width ribs give garage door lightweight look and extra strength at the same time. This is a contemporary classics design perfectly fits in any architectural setting. Ribbed garage doors is the best choice for extra large openings – industrial doors up to 15 metres wide and up to 15 metres height (can be made on request).

Standard colours:

9016 Traffic white,

7016 Anthracite grey,

9005 Jet black,

1015 Light ivory,

8017 Chocolate brown,

6005 Moss green,

6009 Fir green,

5010 Gentian blue,

3000 Flame red,

9006 White aluminium.

All other painted RAL colours available.RAL*Please note that  the colours depicted for guidance only. Please use official printed materials for accurate colour.
Embossing:  woodgrain , stucco
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