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Ventilated Industrial Doors


Ventilated industrial doorsVentilated Industrial Doors

Ventilated Industrial Door is designed for premises that require intensive ventilation, such as underground garages or car parks  and other places. Perforated Industrial Overhead Doors are perfect solution where air flow must be ensured.







Perforated sheeting used with a custom designed aluminium frame can be any RAL colour or powder coated.

Compatible with all industrial electric operators.

Standard colour – anodized aluminium and grey steel filling.



40mm thick Aluminium frame with perforated sheets. Ventilated industrial Doors may be also ordered with different  number and spacing of ventilation panels.

Main technical features:  Grille air permeability:
Max 7 m wide  5×5/3 – 39%
Max 6 m high  10×10/2 – 69%
Bigger sizes also available.

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Wicket door

For unhindered access – without the need to open ventilated industrial doors the complete wicket door also available for doors up to 5 metres.

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